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Interiors & Furniture

FAST offer is tailored to customers individual needs. We remember what is most important. Along with superior execution, the interior must be functional and have its unique personality conditioned by its purpose and design goals. We value phase work which improves communication with our customers who know exactly what to expect at every stage. Having more than twenty years of experience we became specialised in supplying various types of interiors. We comprehensively equip and finish ships, hotels, and commercial spaces. We are distinguished by individual approach to each and every project as well as by precision and aesthetic values. We cooperate with manufacturers which provide products of leading brands. Smart functionality, customized solutions, and the ability to process different materials enable us to undertake nonstandard projects. Our interiors are known for their elegance, uniqueness, and excellent design.

We pay special attention to furniture production. We have our own manufacturing plant and state-of-the-art machinery stock. Among our undeniable assets are: wide range of raw materials, advanced enamel technologies with the ability to obtain deep matte with high gloss, trusty methods of bending, ability to create asymmetrical forms and combining different materials, precision, and aesthetic finishing. The combination of modern technologies with openness for clients ́ needs and flexible production adjustments bring fruitful effects which we are proud of.

We are eager to share our knowledge. We advise trying to be guides in the multitude of offers available in the market. We also give a helping hand during the selection of optimal solutions. Trusty installation and repair crews are available at clients ́ disposal for the time of installation. Our professionals have extensive experience, keep appointments, and take care of the details. In addition, we also provide a full range of finishing.


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