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RollDock Star and RollDock Storm

In 2014 FAST SA finished the works on two multipurpose vessels RollDock Star and  RollDock Storm. These are two special units dedicated for transporting outsize loads. Our works covered surface protection, insulation and interiors outfitting, both on parts built In Gdansk – bridge, and those built in FSG In Flensburg. Both vessels offer wide variety of loading possibilities – two heavy cranes up to 700 tons and rear mobile ramp that enables to roll-in the RoRo way. Additionally both vessels have the ability to lower the draft down to 6 meters, which enables other vessels to float onto the loading space eg. a submarine. RollDock Star left the shipyard in January and RollDock Storm in July this year.


Ro-pax 700

We now carry on the final fittings on the CMAL. In Poland FAST SA made works like surface protection, insulation and interior outfitting (including piping, cabling, HVAC etc.) in the area of the superstructure, which was then relocated to FSG shipyard in Flensburg and fitted onto the hull. We keep on finishing this area at the moment. Also we began the final interior fittings in the crew public area, which was built directly at the FSG. The unit for Caledonian Maritime Assets is planned to be operational in August 2015 and will be serving the line between Ullapool and Stornoway. Due to modern construction and highest class solutions, the ferry will be able to operate constantly and will replace two local vessels.



At the end of June Rubin, the fish farm support vessel, left the Crist shipyard. Fast SA, as a Crist partner, was responsible for full range surface protection. The scope of work included cleaning and painting over 35 000 m2 to a very high standard. The application in ballast tanks was performed under the supervision of PSPC.



Fast SA finished the works concerning surface protection on PSV vessel, the project was a contract work for Simek shipyard. Main scope of the contract covered ballast water tanks under the supervision of PSPC as well as certain outfitting works. Vessel was designed as a research ship, station for divers and remote-controlled underwater vehicles and other types of  underwater operations. It is also adapted for servicing marine wind farm.  At the same time, due to its small draft, the vessel can operate relatively close to the shore. Stril TBN has the ice class and was designed for severe weather conditions. Environmental friendly vessel is also equipped for emergency tasks and oil spills removal.


Amazon Warrior

Seismic vessel was built in FSG Flensburg for Western-Geco, a tycoon of the seismic branch. At the same time the shipyard from Flensburg had it’s debut on the market of highly advanced seismic vessels. FAST SA, as a partner of FSG, performed the works in the area of interiors fittings for passengers zones and laboratory rooms. Prior to the former, we made all surface protection works, insulation and interior fitting for the bridge section and aft section. Total area of fittings was 4700 sq. m. The vessel left the shipyard on the 6th of June and destined to Bremerhaven for seismic machinery supply, and eventually went operational on 15th June 2014. Twin vessel – Amazon Conqueror - with exactly the same job scope is at its fitting time.

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