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Simek - furniture delivery

We have just completed furniture delivery on subsequent, already sixth PSV vessel furnitured in Norwegian shipyard Simek. The cooperation has been carried out for 4 years, and the scope of work included manufacturing and delivery of furniture for all ship premises. 


DoubleTree by Hilton Wrocław

Fast’s portfolio will gain new project completed for Hilton network. We have just signed the contract for rooms and public spaces outfitting in DoubleTree by Hilton Wrocław located in prestigious OVO Wrocław building. This is subsequent implementation for the Wings Properties Sp z o.o. - the investor of our prior hotel realisation. We very much appreciate long-term relationships with our contractors, therefore we always try to implement projects at the highest standards possible to make choice of next implementation partner intuitive. In that case investor’s decision  also confirmed that our assumptions are right. The works concerning the project implementation have already begun, and its completion is planned in first quarter of 2016.


FPF1 - main agreement works completion

In October 2013 started the FPF1 offshore platform conversion project. The investor of the project is Ithaca Energy and works were conducted on behalf of Remontowa Shipyard. The platform of the overall length 82 m, width of 75 m and deadweight of 26 639 t is dedicated to Greater Stella Area oil and gas fields in the UK North Sea sector. The conversion is intended to achieve significant increase of the exploitation abilities, but not only – it will also become a refinery.

The contract for LQ comprehensive “turn-key delivery” included overall implementation of insulation, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), electrical systems, piping, surface protection and PFP application, as well as social and life rooms interiors outfitting. The project was carried out by dedicated Project Manager who coordinated and supervised the team of highly qualified staff. FAST scope of work also included comprehensive materials purchase and delivery, systems installation, as well as current arrangements with general contractor and the owner. The works contained in general agreement ended in November 2015. Efforts put into our work are confirmed by references and commissioning agreement signing – unambiguously certifying satisfaction and confidence put in FAST by shipyard and the owner.


Ballestrem Manor, Wrocław

Another project concerning interiors outfitting area is implemented in manor house object. We will outfit part of the public spaces in object located by Włodkowica street in Wrocław. Beautiful historical object, well known as Ballestrem Manor, is scheduled to be open for public in the end of 2015.



Commerzbank - commercial banking stores outfitting

We carry on the project of Commerzbank commercial banking stores outfitting. Scope of work includes manufacturing of free-standing elements, wall modules, cash machines enclosures, counters, stands, display cases, tables and benches. Furniture manufacturing for German contractor requires increased precision and necessity of adaptation solutions to demands of banking devices. The project also demands using wide variety of metal elements, made especially for this realisation. During manufacture we used HPL postforming bending technology, which is effective solution for perfect finishing of oval edges.


mBank retail stores outfitting

We carry on works concerning the project of mBank retail stores outfitting. We signed two agreements for two different stores formats. The second contract – for bigger offices, with extended scale – is an effect of satisfying cooperation during smaller location outfitting.  The scope of work includes delivery and installation of free standing units and wall casings. The project is distinguished by interesting modern form, and the process of designing and documentation preparation requires extensive professional competence and experience from the constructors. Furniture manufacturing also demands excellent skills from carpenters and reliable, well developed machinery. What also distinguishes the project, in comparison with other POS realisations, is adapting the same interior outfitting to individual, variable interiors – dependent of surface and location of bank section.



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