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Medicus Clinic - Lower Silesian Laryngology Center

FAST finished project of comprehensive interiors outfitting of clinic and hospital section of Medicus Clinic - Lower Silesian Laryngology Center in Wrocław. FAST scope of work included manufacturing and installation of furniture and wooden wall housings. Interiors were designed by renowned architectural office JSK – department in Wrocław. The project was very interesting, however also very demanding during implementation – the challenges were cylindrical furniture lumps and curvilinear walls, requiring finishing with wood-based materials. The special attention draws reception in the shape of ovoid form cut with horizontal wooden planes. All furniture elements are made from premium quality materials, so that esthetical aspects go hand in hand with strict requirements concerning purpose of the facility. FAST equipped altogether 4 floors – starting from -1 level to 2 level.



Aqua Tromøy

As a partner of the shipyard Crist SA, FAST carried out works on an innovative vessel for the transport of live fish - Aqua Tromøy. The unit built for the Norwegian shipowner Artic Shipping AS (Artic Group) is probably the first ship for the transport of live fish built and fully equipped in Poland and then handed over directly to the shipowner. A modern, highly automated diesel-powered vessel, according to previous announcements, was to be operated in the North Sea and/or the North Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific, but it is now known that the unit will be employed on Canadian Marine Harvest farms and renamed the Blue Revolution; it will be used to transport live salmon to the processing plant on land. The scope of FAST’s work included full anticorrosion protection of the vessel. 

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