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Piret ferry works completion

Piret– modern double-ended ferry - has just left Remontowa Shipbuilding shipyard. Piret is the second one of two vessels comprehensively equipped by FAST for Estonian TS Laevad OÜ. The scope of work included insulation, “turn-key” interiors outfitting – crew cabins, mess, public spaces, galley – and hull surface protection. The first ferry – Toll – left the shipyard in January. Toll and Piret are twin vessels, they differ only in hull and public spaces colouring. Both vessels will operate ferry lines from the mainland to Estonian islands Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. Optimised hull shapes, adapted to ice conditions, help to reduce fuel consumption and atmospheric emissions of toxic substances.


Aine trawler

FAST, as a partner of Nauta shipyard, has finished the process of surface protection on fishing craft – Aine. The vessel of the overall length 56,5 m and width of 12,5 m is the subsequent trawler completed for Nauta shipyard. Pelagic trawlers are the vessels operating in open sea and trawling the nets in the water column, pulling fish back towards the vessel. Aine is fitted with containers for living fish transporting and modern electronic equipment. FAST scope of work included protecting of RSW containers, underwater and abovewater parts of hull, cleaning and painting of the superstructure, as well as all metalizing works on the vessel.


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