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Kirkella trawler

This summer we finished works on Kirkella trawler built by Crist shipyard. The ship of 80,00 m length and 16,00 m width is adapted both - to bottom and pelagic trawl fishery. The vessel is also equipped with complete fish processing line including gutting, filleting and skinning systems.  FAST, as a partner of the shipyard, was responsible for surface protection of all external parts, containers and underwater parts of hull.



Floating dock Marco Polo

FAST completed works on subsequent object built by Crist shipyard – floating dock Marco Polo. Owing to this innovative unit it is possible to enlarge the Principality of Monaco territory by 6 hectares – on the position where currently bay is situated the modern, ecological estate is planned to be build. Own drive allows Marco Polo precise deployment of construction elements on the sea bottom, which are going to be a foundation for new quay. The dock has 58,4 m of the overall length, width of 51,3 m and height of 25,5 m, and is equipped with innovative measurement and ballast systems designed to protect it from wind, waves and sea currents. FAST scope of work included final surface protection.  



Sheraton Warsaw

Works are in progress within the Sheraton Warsaw renovation project, following the concept of “Bringing back glow to the icon”. The object, located in Three Cross Square, represents both – the classic of the hospitality and modern design of the rooms which are perfectly adjusted to work, as well as to rest. FAST scope of work includes replacement of  non-upholstered furniture in 315 rooms on 5 levels. The project is very challenging  in terms of logistic – the renovation is being held floor by floor, without losing the functionality of the rest of the hotel. The very proof of investor’s satisfaction from the cooperation with FAST is signing the annex to the agreement contracting also apartments and Sheraton Lounge Club outfitting.  



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