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Letter from the Board

Dear Co-workers, Customers, Partners,

In modern times the only safe facet of a business is change. Therefore, we are changing too. In recent months we initiated processes which aim at strengthening the image of our company on the market. The image which is built on the core values of our company which accompany us every day and were also appreciated by you during our cooperation. They provide prospects for the development of both our employees and customers.

Any organization, just like anyone of us, follows certain rules. For us, the superior values are trust, partnership, and reliability. These are the values which allow to build cooperation based on the principles of genuine partnership and mutual respect, and also guarantee the professionalism of each of our implementations.

For more than 20 years our competitive advantage has been the attention to the finest details of every project. In order to improve the feeling of security in our customers, we want to support them more effectively at every stage. Therefore, we offer to their full disposal a competent team, whose experience and commitment we are proud of.

The new brand slogan "Partnership in cooperation. Professionalism in execution" reflects the above approach and also indicates directions for further development of the company. It represents all what, we think, is the best and most valuable in our organization.

The organisation and operation of the company is reflected in the new logo of FAST. Our offer has gained a new facet too - we divided it into compatible areas of activity cooperating with each other: surface protection, insulation, and interiors and furniture.

Experience and good practices from different areas will be systematically implemented into others in order to constantly improve the quality of our services. With great conviction and enthusiasm we deal with the changes we implement, which opens new possibilities for our customers and us. Owing to new possibilities, our company has a chance to build the image of a modern and strong organization and to be a partner who you can rely on.

Board of Managment FAST SA

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