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FAST SA – has become a member of the Polish Chamber of Steelworks

On 02.10.2013, under the decision of the PIKS Supervisory Board, FAST SA became a member of the Polish Chamber of Steelworks, an organization of the largest Polish producers of steel structures.

Therefore, on October 16-17, our representatives participated in the annual conference organized by the Chamber, entitled "Durable And Beautiful Steel Structures".

During the speeches, not only the most important issues related to the condition of the steel construction industry were discussed, but also the issues of the directions for its further development and legislative aspectshaving direct impact on it.


25 years of FAST SA

On 01  October  2013 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of business starting. For us it is a special moment both for pride and reflection.

For this reason, we would like to thank all our Customers – both the ones that have been with us from the very beginning, as well as the ones that we have just started to cooperate with. It is your trust that was and is giving us motivation to become better and better.

In addition, we thank our employees, business partners and former and present stockholders–for loyalty and heart put into everyday work.

We are proud of all our big and small successes that we have achieved together over the last quarter of the century.We promise: we shall not rest on our laurels! We still continue to develop and expand the range of our activities, by setting ourselves ambitious goals and gaining new experiences. Being full of hopeand enthusiasm, we are looking for new challenges and prepare plans of further development.

Thank you for being with us in this journey.

FAST SA Management Board


Conversion of PFP-1 just started

We would like to inform that we have just started rebuilding of FPF-1 offshore platform owned by Petrofac corporation to order of Gdańska Stocznia Remontowa S.A.

Our "turn-key delivery" contract covers scope of works as follows:

- HVAC installations,

- electrical installations,

- plumbing system (including pipes and fixtures),

- blasting and painting - internal surface protection,

- complex interior outfitting, together with all living quarters.


Platform Supply Vessels to order Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. for GULF OFFSHORE

Recently, to order of Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. we have equipped three vessels built for GULF OFFSHORE.

First of them was HIGHLAND DEFENDER (build no. 850/1), equipped in the beginning of July this year. Next of them was a bit smaller HIGHLAND CHIEFTAIN (build no. 853/1) which was handed over to owner in the beginning of September. Third in the raw was HIGHLAND GUARDIAN (build no. 850/2), twin ship of HIGHLAND DEFENDER. She was handed over to the owner at the turn of September and October. All of them are built for offshore service in the North Sea region.

Scope of our work included complex flat isolation in all of the three vessels, together with furnishing of their superstructures for turnkey delivery, including supply of the dedicated materials: isolation system, flooring systems, floating floors, lining and tiles and small accommodation furnishings.

The whole interior and living quarters were completed on the base of own documentation developed by FAST SA on the base of ship's drawings and technical specification forwarded to our company.

Basic technical data of the equipped vessels:

  Length overall: 88,90 m

  Breadth: 18,80 m

  Depth: 7,40 m

  Draught max: 5,90 m

  Speed: 14,3 knots

  DWT (6,05m): 5100 T

  Cargo deck area: 1000 m2

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