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Change of registered office address of FAST SA

Dear Sirs and Madams,

we announce that the National Court Register has approved the change of registered office address of FAST SA, adopted by the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on 25/06/2013.
The Company's current address is: ul. Czechosłowacka 3, PL 81-963 Gdynia.

Welcome to our new headquarter.


Contractor works on Vidar unit.

Contractor works on Vidar unit are in full blow. FAST SA as a partner of CRIST SA shipyard and a contractor responsible for anticorrosive works, insulation and interior decor is particularly involved in them. The ship is supposed to be ready in September 2013. The unit will be equipped with a crane with lifting capacity of 1.2 thousand tons, a set of power generators and a drive powered by 4 rudder propellers which will allow the ship to travel at a speed on 12 knots. The ship will be equipped with a system of 4 legs lifted hydraulically which will allow erecting wind towers on the 50-meter-deep basins. We will inform you about works and project completion in subsequent news.


Sound Garden Hotel – the first self-service hotel in Warsaw.

The latest FAST SA’s project concerning interior decor is Sound Garden Hotel – the first self-service hotel in Warsaw. The hotel has 206 customized rooms with equipment made of top quality materials such as wood and glass. The hotel offers on-line booking and intelligent check-in spots which will allot a room and give out a key. Each guest can decide which musical floor they will stay on. They have jazz, rock, sounds of nature, and silence to choose from. FAST SA has completely equipped all the rooms. The Investor has greatly acknowledged our work giving us excellent references.


Appointment of new FAST SA’s Board .

Dear Sirs and Madams,

We wish to inform you that:

1. with regard to appointment of a new Supervisory Board, Mr Tadeusz Kubica has been appointed its President,

2. on 10/07/2013 the Supervisory Board appointed a new Board consisting of:

- Krzysztof Klocek - FAST SA’s President of Board

- Henryk Klocek  - FAST SA’s Vice President of Board

- Tomasz Orzechowski – FAST SA’s Board Member.

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